A Little Thing Called Television – Reality Shows

There is one thing that is a guilty pleasure for everyone and that is the reality television show. I don’t tend to watch a lot of reality television but i do tend to put it on a lot as background noise for when i am cooking as you don’t really have to pay a lot of attention to it. There are a few that i quite enjoy watching and here are a few, in this last A little Thing Called Television post.


This show is a perfect one for background noise and always interesting to watch as its always great to watch the drama unfold. It’s always fun to see who is the person behind the profile and why did they even bother with such an elaborate profile / identity. I love it when there is a twist it means more drama!!


This show is great to watch in the background and also really interesting at the same time. it fascinates me some of the myths that they bust or prove and the lengths that they go to. One of the most interesting episodes I watched was all the things that you can do with duck tape, until that episode i had no idea how strong it is.

Storage Hunters 

This is one of my favourite reality shows, but i mean the USA version not the UK version, the UK version has reaaalllyyy annoying characters. I like this show as it has drama, fights and some really interesting outcomes to some of the storage units they bid on.

Ru Pauls Drag Race

It’s uber camp, uber glitzy and uber reality show but it’s actually really fun to watch when you are in the mood. Sometimes you just want the sparkle put into your life and something to watch that is so light hearted that it makes perfect reality show and some of the outfits are amazing.


Next week the start of our brand new feature – A Little Thing Called Games 

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