Acaster Podcast taken to next level…


If you have been reading this blog since the beginning, you will remember that every monday we used to write a feature called Podcast of the Week and on July 20th of last year, we wrote and highlighted the entertainment of a podcast by comedian James Acaster that was hosted on Fubar Radio which was all about music and what songs guests had on their ipod when it was switched onto shuffle. ( Read the article here )

It was announced this week that funny man James will now be presenting his own music show on BBC Three called Sounds Random. It is a 15 part series of shorts where Acaster invites guests to select tracks from their personal collections and performers recreate the key elements of their conversation around them. The show is set up as part chat show and part music video and is lik enothing you have ever seen before on television.

Just like the podcast, the show sees Acaster exploring what each song means to the guests and hearing about what memories they trigger. The link to episode one is below, if you were a listener of the podcast or even if your not then i recommend giving the show a try. (and maybe even checking out the podcast at some point  too)

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