Podcast of the Week – The Comedian’s Comedian

If you want to listen to a  podcast that brings you closer to your favourite comedian or introduces you to the thought process behind other comedians or ones that you have never heard of, then this is the podcast for you. The Comedian’s Comedian is a podcast that does not focus on the actual stand up itself but the comedian and the comedy behind that. It is about how stand ups come up with their material and how they feel behind the stage and the mask of the comedian.


The podcast is hosted by Stu Goldsmith who started off as a street performer which lead on to him being a comedian and an actor. The podcast was set up in 2012 and since its release it has had over 100 episodes and comedians such as Rhod Gilbert, Dara O’Brien, Sarah Millican, Josh Widdicombe and Al Murray have all appeared on the show.

Al Murray has been a guest

Al Murray has been a guest

The podcast has a nice pace to it and is set in front of a live audience which also gives the show a nice ambience to it. Each epsiode is around the hour mark and in some cases over, which is fine if you want something interesting to listen to when your out and about or even in the office. It’s a great podcast because you get to have a real insight into how much goes into a stand ups comedy and see that it isn’t as easy as you may think!

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