The project that’s going to change the way you listen to music…

The Project

The Project

A brilliant music podcast which is dedicated to finding and sharing new and emerging artists is about to get bigger and better, but only with your help.

The Music Bit

The Music Bit

The Music Bit podcast is going to kit out a Renault Estafette van with recording equipment and hit the road. Every weekend it’s going to pitch up in different cities across the UK to invite in local musicians to play. These local artists will perform a unique, stripped down set inside the back of the van which The Music Bit will record to play out in the podcast – and they’re also going to film these sessions to share on YouTube so no-one will miss out on the experience!

That’s not all though, inside the van they’re also going to invite in an audience! Music is enjoyed the most when in intimate settings – so where better than inside a cosy van! Two to three people will go inside to sit and listen to one unique song before another audience is invited inside to enjoy the bespoke setting of the van and the amazing music.
The one issue? They need your help! The Music Bit has turned to Kickstarter so they can raise £5000 to make their project, The Music Van, happen. They’ve got some pretty decent rewards on offer – like one option which allows you to pick a city they have to visit (make them come to you!) and also their very wearable t-shirt which will discreetly have every backer’s name on it!

Screen shot 2015-10-18 at 18.38.21

Where the money will go as part of the project

They’re asking for everyone who likes the sound of the project to take a look at their Kickstarter site, and to pick a reward and pledge. They don’t get a single penny unless they hit the £5000 target so every pledge, no matter the amount, really does count.

If you believe in The Music Van – you can support the project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themusicbit/the-music-van

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