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Forgotten Pop! – This Week: Mero

This weeks Forgotten Pop! Is such a short but sweet post that today we will not be posting one but two to make up for it! so check out for the next one later on. Since we are going into the dark depths of the filing cabinet to bring you bands that you may of forgotten, it is only fair that we give each of them their own place in the sun and this band deserve it because they never even got a chance thanks to Simon Cowell.

The band Mero was formed of two guys and so little can be found of them that I can only tell you that one of them was called D-Mac.

[From further looking I came across a comment on the youtube video (yes, thats how far i have had to go) and have discovered they are called Tommy and Derek and are from Glasgow.]

They only had one hit song in the United Kingdom that was written by D-Mac at the age of 15. The duo were picked up by Simon Cowells record company, however because he was so desperate to make Girl Thing the rivalry to Spice Girls (read our previous article on Girl Thing on the blog) he dropped Mero to focus solely on their career, which also was doomed to fail. Anyway, let us enjoy the one song that they did have and you may even remember it. I came across this for the first time in years the other day and shouted at my computer screen ‘OH MY GOSH I REMEMBER THIS SONG’ it slowly came back to me that i always considered them the filler in magazines and could’t work out why there was only two of them and why there was so much blue in their videos. Anyway, enjoy!

It Must Be Love 

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