Nostalgic Nineties – Cadbury Chocolate Money Box

One thing I would love to do when I was a kid was get a copy of the Argos catalogue and get a pen and head to the toy section. I used to love circling things that u wanted to get and I found it so much fun to do. There is even a photo of me smiling and doing this with a Teddy bear next to me.

One of the things that you can guarantee was always circled was Cadbury chocolate money box. A tall contraption that you put your money into like your pocket money to save and in return a small piece of wrapped chocolate. It was a really silly device but as a kid I was fascinated by it, I loved gadgets. I still do but my taste has improved a lot since then.

The money box is now decommissioned but you can still buy it online on places like eBay. To make it work you would pay 10p into the top of the red House and a mini chocolate would be released. The product was made by Hornby.


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