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The 30 Best Songs of 2016 pt 2

Today we are looking at some of the best songs of 2016, we already looked at the first ten so lets continue with the next batch of ten!   11 Hair – Little Mix feat Sean Paul, April One of the catchiest singles of Spring that was all […]

The Music Guide – Vanilla Sky

If you are looking for a band with catchy songs then why not have a look at the Italian pop punk group, Vanilla Sky. Formed in 2002, this band have been touring Europe for a number of years and also have success in Japan as well. The band […]

When Music Videos go wrong….

The music video, is a great way to get noticed in the industry and people go to great lengths to go viral because social media has such a strong impact on this. Its a way to get noticed, to create shock or sometimes create an identity. Artists such […]