A Month of Pairs – MUSIC FEATURE – Favourite Duets {Part 3}

This month we are exploring the world of pairs and I thought that it was only right to share some of my own favourite duets. There are so many songs that I like that are sung by more then one person and from so many different genres. So I thought over the next few weeks I would welcome you to my world and some of the many duets that I really like and reasons why. This is the third and final part with lots more musical fun.

Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue  – Kids

I loved this song when I was a kid and I have loved it more as I have grown it up. When I was younger and when it was released I was too young to undestand the lyrics and instead just loved the song for what it was. However, as time has gone on I obviously understood the connotations

David Bowie and Queen – Under Pressure

I have always liked this song, I really like the introduction musical interlude but the thing I love the most about this song is near the end when both Bowie and Mercury are singing different lyrics – it has always been my favourite part of this song.

Chris Pine and Barbra Streisand – I’ll Be Seeing You / I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face

This is a very random duet and i cannot remember how i cam across it but I ended up liking a lot. I really like Chris Pines voice – it is very low but it seems to compliment Barbra’s voice very nicely. It is a very slow song but I like the fact it moulds two songs together.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett – The Lady Is A Tramp 

I really like big swing band songs and this is a song that I really like because, Lady Gaga’s voice really suits old style music and this song she makes it magical and so wonderful. I can give or take Tony Bennett’s voice but it compliments Gaga in this wonderful little song it is sort of like a a warm hug in a song.

Nick Carter and Jennifer Paige  – Beautiful Lie

This is another song I cannot remember how I came across but I think it was Youtube when I was looking at Nicks solo music around the time that Burning Up was released. I quite like this cheesy pop song as the chorus is really catchy, I can go months or years not listening to this and then it will pop into my head and I will have no idea why.

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