FEATURE: A Farewell To A Decade – The Albums!

Another decade is ending so it is only right that we have a look at different media from every year since 2010. So over the next month we are going to look at films, music and other things from different years as to what I have enjoyed and reasons why! Ten years is a long time but it has gone so fast and there has been so much that has changed. Today we are going to look at albums from each year that I personally have adored.


My Chemical Romance – Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys


This may of been the last album by MCR but it also a fantastic one, after releasing an album like The Black Parade it is hard to create a follow up that will be just as powerful and My Chemical Romance achieved something wonderfl with this album. It takes you on a different adventure to their previous ones but it is still phenominal and there is a reason why so many people are excited about their reunion this year.

3oh!3 – Streets of Gold 


This band made a huge mark on me in 2010 and this album really was a highlight of the year – Streets of Gold is a fantastic album and there are no bad songs – they flow and are consistant and whilst the album is more commercial then their older ones it still keeps in same aims of what the band is. A very good listen and the electronic sound the 2010’s needed to kick it off.


Lady Gaga – Born This Way 

amerWe cannot discuss the decade without discussing Lady Gaga, for me this is one of my favourite albums of hers. I am not the biggest fan of female singers but I adore the way that she revolutionises herself both musically and in a persona sense. This album is home to some amazing songs such as You and I, Schiesse. Americano and Born This Way. She is as singer that is so talented and the way she keeps developing her style is just so fun to watch.

All Time Low – Dirty Work


This is an album that made me start to really pay attention to All Time Low I listened to it one day at university when I as working on a deadline and I was blown away by how good this album was. At the time, there were no other albums like this one and the music structure really is one that should be praised. Some of the songs such as Timebomb, A Day Dream Away and Under A Paper Moon are so unique in their style that they deserve a lot of praise for it. 


Marianas Trench – Ever After

Ever_After_by_Marianas_TrenchThis is an album that had the biggest impact on me this whole decade and completely revolutionized the way I listen to music. I came across Marianas Trench by one song  on this album being on a Spotify Radio playlist and from that song Desperate Measures and Stutter I started to listen to the whole track. It was like nothing I had ever heard of and when I read into the fact the album followed a narrative my mind was blown. This album changed the way I listen to albums and has created a level for me that a lot of others cannot reach due to the creativity and the way it depicts that music can be so much more then a bunch of songs.


Green Day – Uno… Dos… Tré!

Green_Day_-_Uno!_coverIf there is any band that is going to take the ideology of an album and then push that to a whole another level then it is going to be Green Day. Throughout the end of 2012, the group released three separate albums which all focussed on different genres. The last album was named after their drummer who turned fourty two days after it’s release.  It is not my favourite album of theirs but you have to give them praise for being super ambitious on their return. Stand out tracks include The Forgotten, Stray Heart, Carpe Diem and Let Yourself Go.


Muse – The 2nd Lawmuse

This really was a great year for Muse, with them being the lead single for the Olympics plus much more great things but that album they released in 2012 was phenomenal – it had so many fantastic songs on it and some of them were so new and different for Muse that they took different genres and spun them to create something amazing. A really great album that takes you on a journey of wonderment.



Justin Timberlake – 20/20 Experience 

Justin_Timberlake_-_The_2020_Experience_2_of_2If there was one album that was very interesting to listen to and wait for in 2013 then it was Justin Timberlake. He released two albums and they were both very different in his normal style but they worked incredibly well and was a fantastic album to listen to. You only need to watch the Netflix live show of Mr JT to really experience what this album was about.



Fall Out Boy –  Save Rock and Roll 


This for me personally was one of my favourite albums of the year, firstly because I wasn’t expecting an album from this band to appear again and secondly it is a wonderful album. There is so much to love about it both  musically and lyrically and this website is named after one of the songs – so you can understand just how much of an impact it had on me.



30 Seconds To Mars – Love, Lust Faith and Dreams


If there is one thing that Jared Leto and his band know to do well then it is returning to the music scene with a bang. This album was introduced to the world with the addictive song Up In The Air and a really artistic video to go with it. I really adore this album as it takes you on a journey and the album is broken up into sections to depict the Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams and the genre and sound of the songs change throughout to depict these alterations and it is pretty cool.


Panic! At The Disco –  Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die


I have been listening to Panic right from the first single but this album to me completely altered what I thought the band was and heightened it by 100%. This album is amazing and the whole fact this was one of the albums where it was pretty much Brendan being Panic you could see a change in the music – you could see and feel the risks that had been taken delving into new and interesting genres and what you are left with is an album that does not have any bad songs on it. This really built ways for the future albums to come and even when I listen to it now I still think wow, what an album.


Ed Sheeran – X

xWe cannot go through a decade without discussing Ed Sheeran because lets be honest it sort of has been the one that has been taken over by his music. I went to university with his friend from school so I was hearing demo tapes of his first album before it was released – I have never been a huge fan of his music but there are a few songs that I really enjoy. Out of all of his albums I think this is the one that I enjoy the most as it has some really good songs on it.

Taylor Swift –  1989

Taylor_Swift_-_1989This is another artist that has made a huge impact on music this decade and yet again I may not be the biggest Taylor Swift fan you have to appreciate the way she has dominated the music industry this past ten years. This album for me was when I started to pay attention properly to her music and this album has some good songs on it and it is nice to listen to ever so often. I think it also the album where she was becoming more of a commercial artist and focusing on pop a bit more and you can notice it in some of her songs.


Angels & Airwaves – The Dream Walker


I am a huge fan of Tom Delonge and this album was one of my favourite Angels and Airwaves albums to come out of this decade as it is a wonderful mix of songs and takes you on an adventure. It also shows just how much this group has developed as a band and it sort of pinpoints the turning of exciting things to come. There are some wonderful songs on this album and it really is a great one to listen to.


 5 Seconds Of Summer  – Sounds Good Feels Good 


This is the second studio album by the Australian band but it is the one I prefer compared to the first one. It took me a while to enjoy their music as I couldn’t understand why they were on the front of magazines like Kerrang when to me they wre clearly pop. This album sort of changed my perspective on them and lead to me seeing them live. Their music is very much pop punk then the latter so it has grown on me but this is the album I have to thank.


Blurryface – 21 Pilots 


There is one band that has leapt to being bigger and bigger and the turn of the halfway point of the decade and that is 21 Pilots. This album is fantastic and you can understand why it did so well around the world and reached a number of certifications status. The album debuted at number 1 and it really isn’t hard to see why. The album is such a mix of genres that it really is so unique and wonderful.



Beyonce – Lemonade


You cannot mention 2016 without mentioning this album by Beyonce because it really was a unique turning point for the music industry – a whole visual album that flowed fluidly through a visual narrative as well as back to back music videos – very clever and something that had never really been seen before. I am not a fan of the music on this album but I am a fan of the creativity that has occurred and what it did for music.


Panic! At The Disco – Death Of A Bachelor 


I know this is the second album I have mentioned by Panic but this album again deserves a mention because yet again, the band took an ideology of a genre and twisted it into something different and unique. This album also oozed creativity and it feels like it delved into areas of music this band hasn’t touched on before, it is albums like this that portray just how diverse Brendan Urie is and this album takes his showmanship to a whole different level.


You Me At Six – Night People 


You Me at Six are a British band that have gone from strength from strength in the past decade and it is evident when you listen to this album just how far that they have come as a band. This is the fifth studio album by the band and it charted at number three in the UK charts. This album was a fun track with lots of interesting songs including a really addictive one called Night People.


Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud 


When Kasabian return to the music industry they always return with a bang and when they returned with For Crying Out Loud they did with a huge impact. This album is amazing and it included a live show at the end of it as well. The singles that were released off of the album were welcomed with interesting music videos as well so that it brought the whole of the bands comeback to a fantastic full circle of fun.



Eminem – Kamikaze


If there is one thing that the world was missing it was Eminem and Kamikaze is such a fantastic album that it shows the rapper return to the limelight in a phenomenal way. This album may not be the first album return of the decade but it is surely one of his best. The album takes you on a fantastic musical journey and it is one that you will not want to miss.



Imagine Dragons – Origins 


This band have really made a stand out on the music industry this decade and it isn’t hard to see why – their style of music is addictive, they have a really unique style and this album shines through and really created a fantastic listening experience. Each song has heartfelt lyrics, a really catchy sound and a really great music track. This album is a pleasant listening experience and I may of come across it because of this website and writing a review but it lead me to enjoy this wonderful band.



Blink-182 – Nine

blink-182-nineI have never been a fan of the new Blink-182 and for a long time refused to listen to them or to even call them Blink and used to call them Blink 2.0 or a newer +44 – it was because I felt the California album was very aimed at the commercial market and also I felt it was very much a Mark and Travis album – that may of not been the case but to me I had a lot of issues with it. With this new album I was dreading hearing it and was expecting the same thing and was very excited to hear when I listened to it, the album did not sound like a +44 album and it felt like it had a more Matt influence to it as well which is what I wanted – why have someone in your band if you are not going to use their styles to meld as well. This album has allowed me to make peace with the new Blink and whilst they will never be the same without Tom Delonge I feel that this album and the sound has allowed me to accept what they are now and move on where as California just angered me.


Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

bilI am not really a fan of her music and I have tried many a times to get into her sound but even though I can’t you have to really praise her for what she is doing for music and the footprint that she is starting to make. She has a Spotify album playlist called the Experience based on this album and it tells you the inspiration behind the songs and from reading them I gained a huge appreciation for her work in regardless to whether I listen to it.

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