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Jarvis Sensei’s Nerdtopia

Welcome to a brand new feature to the Phoenix Remix called Jarvis Sensei’s Nerdtopia. Remember a while ago we interviewed Sadie about her YouTube Channel and all things nerdy – well she has stepped on board and is going to write articles about all things Nerdtopia – so […]

Return of the Radio King

This week has seen the radio station XFM return to our stereos under a new name and branding called Radio X and there is one man that has taken the morning by storm who many of us have been waiting to return to the radio, and that man […]

Welcome welcome and welcome!

Hello! Welcome to a new and exciting venture for the Playblast world – The Phoenix Remix – a site where all things comedy, music and Television will be posted! It will be a blog of anything to everything from the unknown to trending topics and the unexpected! So […]