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Welcome welcome and welcome!

Hello! Welcome to a new and exciting venture for the Playblast world – The Phoenix Remix – a site where all things comedy, music and Television will be posted! It will be a blog of anything to everything from the unknown to trending topics and the unexpected!

Just me! Hello!

Just me! Hello!

So let’s start first by introducing myself. If you are a frequent reader of Playblast Podcast then you will know me already if not, hello, my name is Holly! I work in the world of television as a Motion Graphic Designer. A few years ago I did some freelance editing for an online stand up comedy channel called ComComedy which opened my eyes to the big and glorious world of stand up. I had always been into stand up comedy but from editing videos of up and coming comedians it broaden my horizon and started one of my biggest interests. I  a big fan of music and writing too hence the reason I started writing for Playblast and in the past have been an editor of the magazine at university and also did work experience at Top of the Pops magazine where pretending I was Dick and Dom answering letters was one of my very fun tasks! So yes, I may have left my journalism days behind me I still like to write and Playblast world is where my heart is!

So I know what your all asking in your head… What’s up with the weird name for the blog? Naming a blog is one of the hardest things to do getting it right, making it snappy, stand out etc so let me explain to you why we are called…

The Phoenix Remix 

So why such an unusual name for an Entertainment blog? Well Once i give you a few reasons behind it, it may end up not being that weird at all:

1) It comes from a mix of words from one of my favourite lyrics of recent years – So let me explain this more in depth. A few years ago, the band Fall Out Boy made their return to the music scene and as a fan, yes I was happy about this but I wouldn’t say that their songs or lyrics have ever really had that much of an effect on me before. However, when they returned with their album Save Rock and Roll there was a song that caught my ears so to speak, and that song was The Phoenix. It was the big drums every where, the heavy beat and the screeching of Patrick Stumps voice that made it catch my attention. There was one lyric in the chorus that stood out, mainly because I couldn’t understand the words at first and secondly because once i did find out what was being said I really liked it because it was quite a nice little saying “i’m going to change you like a remix, then i’ll raise you like a phoenix” Cut it down to the main area of the lyrics and tada you have Phoenix Remix!

2)The definition of a Phoenix  One of the definitions of the word Phoenix is ” a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect” when you think about it in a metaphorical sense, this is sort of what this blog represents. Its to highlight remarkable talent and shows etc in the entertainment

3) Naming blogs is really difficult – Getting the right name, for a blog can sometimes be quite difficult.  I wanted a name that was going to roll off the tongue and have a catchy ring to it. Phoenix Remix rolls of the tongue and is different title to what you would expect from a Entertainment blog.

So! Welcome to the Phoenix Remix!

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