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If there is one area of my life that is ingested with lots of lots of stories, that would be when I am asleep. Since a very early age I have been sleepwalking, i have walked down stairs before and even to this day I can sleep walk and wake up to find myself in weird places. My dreams have also been very vivid, especially if i binge watch a television show, experience lots of eventful things in one day or I am stressed. Some of the dreams I was having were so vivid and random that I started to keep a blog with all my dreams on them. I haven’t written on it for a long time but I thought I would post a few of the stories that my dreams have created over time. These are a few posts from my Dream blog that I posted in 2012.

The Dream about the Theatre, 5/2/12

I was in a hallway for the majority of this dream with a group of people i know through friends. This group of people were rehearsing for a new musical production they were putting on of Singing in the Rain. There were two main rooms in this dream; the hallway i have already mentioned and a massive hall. From what i remember it was big, had hardly any windows and had black drapes hanging from the ceiling. All around me there were people warming up doing ballet moves.

The dream from what i remember is a tad patchy, but i remember being sat in the back of a convertible with red leather seats sort of like something from the 50’s (maybe…..to be honest not that good with car makes normally so may of been from another era….) with three other girls who were the main characters in the production and one of them being the director. The director girl was stressing because the whole production was becoming a shambles and they needed someone to help. The rest of the dream is a blur and is with me teaching people how to dance to Make ‘Em Laugh

The Dream about Ant and Decs music video, 6/2/12 

I can’t remember too much of my dream last night but it consisted of a few different things. The first one was I was part of a play where i had to wear a ballroom dress, i couldnt remember my lines or bothered to learn them so i messed up the play. Can’t really remember what the play was about but i think it may of had a political side to it….no idea why….

Another part of the dream was that i was part of a music video with Ant and Dec and a random guy in his 40’s i had never seen before. Last bit I remember of it is standing outside a house posing for photos. I blame this part of the dream on the fact I am reading Ant and Decs autobiography at the moment and read a massive chunk of it yesterday, and the fact that  i decided to watch C.H.U.M.S before bed last night, just because i started reading the chapter about SM:TV live and it made me want to re-visit one of my fave parts of my fave show when i was a kid.


The  Dream about a canoe, kung Fu and the Disney Store, 8/2/12

The first part of my dream last night i was in a big water fountain sort of like the ones in Trafalgar square but bigger and i was going round it very fast in a canoe which i ended up using like  a surf board. There were people standing in the water protesting about the evil Government raising the money again at university.

The next part of my dream I was on a balcony at the top of a building, looking a bit like an area you would expect in NYC. I was talking to my housemate then they went away and i was let outside watching a group of men taking items from the balcony next store. They all looked like bad guys so I hid my laptop. The next minute I am joined on the balcony with a group of large men who i am then having to fight, luckily I know Kung Fu in my dream I am joined by a girl mate who also knows Kung Fu and does the same thing.

The bad guys are then all tied up and put in a circle around me and I demand to know why they are trying to kill me. My other friend starts to look around the balcony (as if by magic the end of the balcony has turned into part of the Disney store.) She finds a very shy living toy snake under the escalator who knows what the bad people want but before he tells us we have to watch The Little Mermaid to answer a riddle. The last bit of the dream I remember is a magic flat screen TV appearing on the roof and we are on a channel a bi like Netflix looking through what Cameron Diaz film to watch. 


The Dream About my friends weird Cooking, 10/2/12 

All I remember is that my friend had a pigs head and she decided to stuff it under the skin with pate. Thats all I remember


This blog is now defunct as I forgot to keep updating it everytime I had a dream but it does not mean to say  my dreams haven’t. I do find it funny when friends pop in to dreams because I then tell them what crazy things they have been up to and it makes them laugh. I suppose in some ways my dreams are a different form of comedy.

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