Return of the Radio King

This week has seen the radio station XFM return to our stereos under a new name and branding called Radio X and there is one man that has taken the morning by storm who many of us have been waiting to return to the radio, and that man is none other than Chris Moyles.

Radio X

Radio X

Now if you haven’t heard the name before, where have you been?! If not never fear I will give you a little biography about the man that is now rocking our radios from 6:30am – 10am every morning. Moyles started his radio career in the early 90’s but the show in which made Moyles most notable was his show on Radio 1. He started on Radio 1 in 1997, originally hosting the 4am – 7am show called the Early Bit. In 1998 he won the Silver Sony Awards  DJ of the Year and was also starting to be known as ‘The Saviour of Early Morning Radio’ due to his style of show and personality.

From then he worked in various different times at Radio 1 and then in 2004 Moyles started presenting Radio 1’s flagship programme named ‘The Chris Moyles Show’. He had been appointed to this role because since he joined the station he had been raising listening figures and was put on this show to do the same. In the first quarter of 2004 he added a whopping 1,000,000 listeners to the audience figures.

Moyles and his side kick, Comedy Dave, beat the record for the longest continuous Radio 1 show in 2011. In July 2012, Moyles announced that he was leaving his radio show at the BBC and Nick Grimshaw replaced him. When Chris was at Radio 1 he attracted 8 million listeners, whereas Grimmy only attracts 5.8 million.

Since his triumphant return, it is evident that Moyles is going to have a very strong radio show yet again. He has only been on the air for three days and is already back as his strong and funny self with edgy comments, hilarious mini games and up to his normal mischief.  In his second episode he got his team to play with a spinning wheel with all the other radio stations in the building to see whose show they should go and gate crash. They ended up going into Smooth Radio and then made further reference to the station later making smooth introductions with Simply Red to connote that they could be a smooth station too, all brought on by a sting that was created to take the mickey out of Dominic and his bald head.



Another hilarity about the show is the way that Moyles communicates with Dominic. He is there to read the news, the travel and to also acts like Chris’ right hand man. When he reads the news and the travel there is a voice sting and in the first show he told Chris that he has to do what the voice tells him to. So, Chris got more made up to make Dom do loads of funny and hilarious things.

If you are looking for something new but yet familiar then I highly recommend listening to this radio show in the mornings. Whether its to bring back a voice that is missing from your life, or whether its to laugh out loud on your way to work, it really is great to hear Moyles back on the radio.

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