Happy Birthday to Us! Today we are 1

YES you read that correctly! Today marks our first ever birthday – how exciting is that?! We have lasted a whole year and fell like we are going from strength to strength! To celebrate a year passing I am going to give you a run down of our top 10 favourite articles that we have written and why! Also we would like to say a quick thank you before we start the countdown to every one of you that subscribes on wordpress, like on facebook or follow on Twitter, without you this blog would just be a comedy and entertainment mad person writing to herself.

1  Ones To watch – The Lonesome Trio


Date Posted: 4/5/2015

Link to blog post: Lonesome Trio

Reason for blog post: This blog post was one of the first of our regular feature, Ones To Watch. The feature looks at nwe up and coming bands or musicians that you have to hea or look out for. This article was about comedian and Hangover actor, Ed Helms, bluegrass based band, The Lonesome Trio. the article got really good readership and also received numerous comments thanking the blog for introducing them to a world of Ed Helms music.

2 Where is Immersive cinema taking us next.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 23 : People in 3d-glasses watches film

Date Posted: 29/5/2015

Link to blog post: Immersive Cinema

Reason for blog post: Last year, Secret Cinema hosted a Star Wars themed event and from this it opened up my eyes into writing an article about how we consume films these days and where the latest technology is taking us.

3 Are Music Videos Becoming Too Violent?

BItch Better Have My Money

Date Posted: 23/9/2015

Link to blog post: Music Videos too violent?

Reason for blog post: I love writing about music, and when the news broke that Youtube was to get age restrictions on music videos, i felt that it was the perfect time to explore the history of violence in music videos. I really enjoyed writing this!


4  The Improv Diaries

Date Posted: 19/10/2015

Link to blog post: The beginning 

Reason for blog post: Proving to be one of our most popular blog posts! to think that we are already into the twenties of it is crazy! Each article is written after every lesson so its insane to think how many i have had now! Lets go back to the beginning when I first started this feature all the way back in October of 2015 and its still going strong!


5 Marianas Trench Astoria Album Review


Date Posted: 23/10/2015

Link to blog post: Album Review

Reason for blog post: The reason that an album review has made it into our top 10 of blog posts is because it is one of our posts that has had really high interest in the United States of America and Canada. It got many retweets on Twitter and got viewed a lot over seas.


6 Spontaneous Wrecks – The Bridge Hotel Gig review. 


Date Posted: 5/11/2015

Link to blog post: Gig Review

Reason for blog post: One of the aims of this blog was to write reviews of comedy so that you , the reader can find out about the acts that you have to watch. This wasn’t the first review that we did on the blog, however it was a good show and this blog is now good friends with the group.


7 A Little Thing Called..


Date Posted: 15/9/2015

Link to blog post: First Times

Reason for blog post: This is another feature that has done well, started all the way back in September and already gone through Music, Film, Television, Games and books! It’s been a really fun set of blogs to write, and here is the first ever article that was written for it!


8 – 8 Reasons why we want Pilkington in the Jungle

Screen shot 2015-11-10 at 08.40.59Date Posted: 10/11/2015

Link to blog post: Pilkington

Reason for blog post: Rumours were bubbling that Karl Pilkington was going to enter the I’m a Celebrity Jungle and when this happened we published a fun and entertaining look at why he would be a great person to have on the show.


9 Podcast of the Week


Date Posted: 27/07/2015

Link to blog post: Tom Craine

Reason for blog post: When the blog first launched we had a regular feature all about the best podcasts you should be listening to and why. It ran until November / december then went on a hiatus (so whose to say  it wont return!) This is one of the first ones I did, it wasn’t the absolute first but its a podcast that people may not be aware of and if you aer a fan of funny stories, then I highly recommend you giving it a listen!


10 Acaster Podcast Taken to the Next Level


Date Posted: 26/04/2016

Link to blog post: James Acaster new show

Reason for blog post: It wouldn’t be a countdown for the past years best blog posts without mentioning any of the posts we have written about James Acaster. Why you may ask? Out of all the blog posts that we have written these get the most views and this one in particular lead to the blog getting one of its highest rating of a day!

So, hopefully this time next year we will be celebrating birthday number 2 with lots of bigger things coming your way!



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