Today’s Featured Artist – INTERVIEW – Darlin

Tell us about:

Your latest single you have released:

We’ve just released our second single, VELVET. Its already been picked up by BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing Essex. This was the first song the band ever wrote together and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Your first single and how you felt when it was released:

Good Bad Vibes was our First single, we felt the song and its accompanying video gave a great introducing of Darlin and what is/was to come. We’ve always loved playing GBV in the rehearsal rooms so I imagine it’ll be set to be one of our favourite songs to play live.

Your favourite song that you have created that is an album track:

Rob: We have a song called Ghosts which has a really long outro guitar solo (think comfortably numb – Pink Floyd) – As I wrote and play the solo, this is one of my favourite songs. I’m not sure it’ll ever become a single release but I can’t wait to rip it live!

Your most emotional track:

Our Forth single (To be released) is called Without You Here, this is more of a sad song about heartache and heartbreak. I think the song and the video portray the raw emotion that we have tried to encapsulate for this song.

The best lyric you have ever written:

Rob: Desperate lies magnify, oceans between you and I, I’m drowning won’t you save me – This is my favorite of Dan’s lyrics.

Describe the feeling you get when you walk on stage to do a show:

So we’re yet to play a show as DARLIN but I can confidently tell you that all 6 of us have been in previous bands (mostly hard rock) and playing live is one of the most important things for us, its where we get our real buzz and kick, it’s the times that make all the hardwork worth while.

The hardest track to play live:

I’ll refer back to Ghosts as my personal, hardest. However we also have a song called GINA which is very stripped back and it means it needs to be really tight, despite the parts not being that hard.

Essential items you always take on tour with you?

Baby wipes, whisky & Paracetamol. Not to be used together.

Describe your fans in three words:

Supportive, Surprising & Splendid.

A song by another artist or band you wish you had written:

Anything by Fleetwood Mac or toto.

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