The Travel Book at New Year – Chicago Fireworks

Since I write about Christmas every year on here, it can be sometimes really difficult to think about what the next topic will be. Well, this year I had an idea an decided to roll with it, as it is a unique area that we have not discussed before and thought it would be fun to talk about. Christmas decorations, they are a fun thing but the one area we have not really covered is how they are displayed in public places such as hotels, airports and everything in between. So this year we are going to head out of my travels and talk about different places that I have been to that really stood out in regards to decorations. Today we are doing things a bit differently because it is nearly new year we are looking at a different sort of ‘decor’ one that lights up the sky and a strong memory I have attached to it.

It was new years eve 2011 and we were in Chicago – we were having a great time and was staying in the suburbs which meant that getting home could be a bit difficult as the trains were only at certain times. So, for New Years, we decided to stay in a hotel in town to see the fire work displays.

It was, as expected really busy in town but the one thing we love doing is walking and exploring. So on the day of New Years Eve we went walking a lot around the city going to places that we have never been before and it was great fun. When it got to check in for the hotel we were absolutely shattered due to the amount that we had done that day.

So we had a plan, we would chill in the hotel room until it was nearer the time to see the fireworks. Since that day it has sort of become tradition to have a Big Bang Theory Marathon on New Years Eve – we have seen it in Spanish, Portuguese and even French depending on what country we are on. We set an alarm and we both ended up dosing off to the show as we were so tired.

We woke up about 10pm and got ready to go out to see the fireworks, being new in Chicago we were not really sure where we needed to go but knew it was towards the water, at midnight we were in the centre of town near the main roads and in some ways I really and glad that we were as it was fascinating to watch every single car on this really busy road stop, get out of their car and watch the fireworks. It was such a unique experience that I will not forget.

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