The Travel Book At Christmas – Christmas Cruise Delights…

Since I write about Christmas every year on here, it can be sometimes really difficult to think about what the next topic will be. Well, this year I had an idea an decided to roll with it, as it is a unique area that we have not discussed before and thought it would be fun to talk about. Christmas decorations, they are a fun thing but the one area we have not really covered is how they are displayed in public places such as hotels, airports and everything in between. So this year we are going to head out of my travels and talk about different places that I have been to that really stood out in regards to decorations. Today we are heading on a cruise…

If you want somewhere to feel completely Christmas every time you look around then may I recommend a cruise at this time of year. In 2012, I went on a cruise around the Mediterranean with P and O and there was always s something festive to look at. It was one thing that made it incredibly fun to look for when you walked around the ship.

In the main stair area, there was this huge display of various houses in a gingerbread village, with lights, streets and even mountains. It sad on a sign that all of the display was made by the catering staff on board so they all had their own house an they all did their own styles and shapes to show off their talents. Also in the middle there was a huge ice lake that I think was made of isomalt.

Wherever you walk on the ship, there is tinsel on everything, if there is a space for it, a piece of tinsel will be popped onto it. For example, there is a grand bell and they covered it entirely in tinsel as well. There are also Christmas lights everywhere around the ship which is really refreshing and lovely to see and really gets you in the spirit for the festive season.

One thing you will discover when you go on a cruise ship, is that there is always a part of the ship where they will promote artwork by well known artists that you can then buy and take home with you. It is sort of like a gallery but you can buy stuff. At Christmas all of the artwork becomes winter themed or Christmas themed to again, really get everyone into the spirit.

The cruise ship really is a festive place to celebrate the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ and I am sure certain ships like Disney would go even further with the theme.

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