Improv Corner – Using Wordle In Improv

It is a game that has gone viral in the last few months and has gained a huge following and even been sold to the New York Times. Today we are going to speak about the game that everyone else is talking about – Wordle.

The word game, which allows you to guess a 5 letter word a day, can be used in improv in so many different ways, so let us discuss just some of the things that you could do with it to make the game improv worthy.

The Right Answer

Ok, so this is the most obvious route to go, use the word of the day in the game as the actual suggestion for the scene. It can be used for any type of improv as well so that could be really fun!

Get the audience involved

Why not get the audience involved and get them to guess the word! Each word they guess queues up the suggestion for the next scene. The suggestion that wins the game gets a min prize – probably don’t tell them this before as they will all cheat!

Use the colours of the game!

The team plays the game before the show and the orange, grey and green positions of the guesses indicate the way a game is played. So maybe the green one is a certain suggestion, the orange are the actions and the grey are lines of dialogue.

I mean, you could just sit there and enjoy the game but why no make your improv show Wordle related!

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