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The Travel Book – Let’s Talk Airports

The past few weeks I have been discussing the world of train stations, well whilst I was writing about them I kept thinking to myself, what about the airports, what about the fun ones that you have visited and I thought, heck, if I can spend two weeks talking about trains I can spend one talking about airports too.

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I have been to this airport once and I really liked it – mainly because of the palm trees that are scattered throughout. It is such a huge airport and has elements of Disney thrown in as well. I just remember that when I was at this airport I really appreciated how pretty it was.


I have been to Switzerland a couple of times and I just liked Zurich airport a lot. It feels clean, spacious and has a lot of shops as well. It is a place that is easy to get around and friendly as well.

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport

I really think this is one of the smallest airports that I have been to and that is why it stands out in my mind, I remember that there was a lot of ship related things in the airport and wood throughout IT was very pretty and a nice atmosphere.


No matter where I go in the world, Heathrow will always be one of my favourite airports as it is one that I have always been to. When you fly back to Heathrow you know that you are coming home and that’s what is great about it. The airport is huge but once you get used to it, you get your head around it.

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