The Travel Book – Music & Travel – Pt.7 Inception

I find both music and travel are both quite personal experiences and when there is a moment or time where they can merge together it can create something pretty special. I listen to a lot of music when I go travelling and sometimes the experience is so special that the song sticks with that travel event as a memory. So I thought it would be nice to visit that topic and talk to you over the next few weeks about just some of the magical musical moments I have had on my adventures.

Photo by Ben Sharples on

Location : Bournemouth
Song: Dream Is Collapsing / Time, Inception OST

One thing I really love is when you listen to a song and it creates a really dramatic experience to where you are. When the film Inception was released I was still at University. Slightly unrelated a bit but I saw the film in a really comfy reclining sofa cinema in Universal Studios in Florida. I was so comfy I ended up falling asleep through part of the film the first time I saw it!

I adored the soundtrack, it was emotional, dramatic and created this amazing soundscape to walk around to. I would have the songs on my playlists and depending on which one would come on, effected the way that I metaphorically walked around the town.

With the track Dream Is Collapsing, I felt like I would walk more erratically and feel very dramatic like something serious was happening around me. Walking along the beach with this track the emotion changed the whole experience and made it feel like I was in the middle of an action film. Watching the sea lap the sandy shore with not many people around really created a scene and made me feel like I was on ‘the run’.

The other song that I would listen to a lot was Time which is completely different vibe to the other track, it is more emotional, has sad elements and has a sentimental feel to it.

I used to enjoy listening to this song, especially when it was raining in Bournemouth as it really heightened the pathetic fallacy and again made the whole landscape feel like a movie. When it was raining, this scenery of Bournemouth comes alive and dazzles. The park near the beach looks lovely in rain and the water dripping off the trees and the way the water drops into the little stream goes in time to the music.

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