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At the moment i am currently recovering from a major operation, so to make sure that you don’t go without your weekly Improv Corner fix, we are going to be delving into the archives for a couple of months to bring you some really important topics that you may again find useful

Today’s Topic – Keep A Diary!
Originally posted:  25 JUN 2018

It has been nearly three years since I started doing improv (really how on earth did that come so quickly!?) and as you can probably tell by the comment in brackets, it has gone really fast. I initially started improv to meet new people in Newcastle as I had to move there for work, but also as a subject to create a feature on for this site. I originally signed up to a  three weekend intensive beginners course with The School of Improv and was only going to write about those three lessons. Nearly three years later, here I am, STILL writing the Improv Diaries and I don’t regret anything.

I think YOU should write a diary. 

Yes. I am talking to you reader, especially if you do something like training in comedy – I have kept a diary every week I have done improv – that is a lot of writing and i have attached the link to them all below, but i do not regret it.

It is a breath of fresh air to go back and read from the beginning what you have learnt and how the doors of improv became more easier to understand. Even though my diaries are online for all to see, I have always been 100% honest about everything because whilst its educational for people to read it is also good for me to look back on at a later date.

I really enjoy reading how much I have developed over the years and the one thing I find really helpful is attaching a case study every week. I find by writing about a case study it helps me to put what I have learnt into every day use and helps me associate to the style of comedy that was relevant that week!

So, as someone who started improv as a hobby and wasn’t sure if it was going to go anywhere, keeping a diary has been something that I have adored doing and really recommend it to anyone.

If you want to read the Improv Diaries from the beginning, then visit here –

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