Welcome To Rhiannon Jenkins Month on The Phoenix Remix

Welcome to May! A lot has happened in the UK since the beginning of April where we announced a new monthly feature and with the United Kingdom slowly going back to normal we thought we would celebrate by talking to an actor, improviser, singer, and teacher who is part of many troupes and shows that this month is going to be a very exciting with lots and lots to talk about.

If you are part of the improv scene around London then you may already know the name Rhiannon Jenkins as she is part of Acaprov, The Ol BIl, Eggplant Improv and even used to be part of the Improbotics. She also teaches some great courses including The Vocal Technique Course and Nursery on Death, Dying, and Bereavement for The Nursery.

In the last year when the improv community has been online, Rhiannon has embraced it and been part of some amazing shows and projects and this month we get to talk all about them!

So this month you are in for a treat as there is so much to discuss and if you want to find out more in the meantime then head over to and we will see you at 9am Wednesdays.

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