Gigstory! – The Gig That Wasn’t…

Welcome to a brand new feature that will be published every other week. I go to a lot of gigs and there are always little stories that come out of them that I always want to tell someone so what better place to do it!

Todays Gig: …

I went to University with one of the close friends of a certain musician who today is pretty well known, we even got to hear the musicians album before it was released. It was around the time when this particular person was starting to get noticed and gathering quite a lot of fans. When they came to town their gig sold out straight away even though they were playing the smaller venue of the city. I wasn’t really a fan but I thought their music was good, I enjoyed a few of their songs.

Anyway, we had been offered guest list and entrance into the VIP after party at this sold out concert and we were looking forward to it. On the actual night we did exactly what we were told, went to the box office and said our names as we were meant to on the list. However when we got there, there was no such list and we were not allowed in, instead I saw their legs walk on stage and that is it so we went back to the friends house to chill out.

Later in the evening we got a phone call from the musician asking us why we were not at the after party and we had to explain what happened at the door. Apparently their guest list never made it to the front door and they had accidentally kept it behind the bar. I haven’t made an effort to see the musician again as it still feels a bit sore with my emotions haha.

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