Today’s Featured Artist – INTERVIEW – The Simple Radicals

Tell us about:

Your latest single you have released: 

We just released a wicked cover of the iconic Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit.” It’s officially coming out March 5th, but you can pre-save it on Spotify and Apple Music. We collaborated with an incredible husband/wife duo called Che-Val who helped produce the track. I’d call it Baroque Pop that infuses sounds similar to BANKS, Massive Attack and Shaed.

Your first single and how you felt when it was released: 

Our first single was “Medicate” that features Vernon Reid, the lead guitarist from the band Living Colour. We’ve received some nice airplay on the track and even made a video of the song in the studio where we recorded it

Your favourite song that you have created that is an album track: 

That’s a Sophie’s Choice question since I like all my children. But if I had to choose one I’d have to go with the title track “New Revolution” off our album “New Revolution. It’s got a great driving opening riff and has great energy throughout.

Your favourite song to play live:

 I love playing our song “The Optimist” live. It’s about remaining optimistic in life despite all the challenges we face. It’s got great energy and my fellow Radical and lead guitarist John Griffin does an amazing shred on it. Our fans love that song.

Your most emotional track: 

“Learn” is a really emotional track for me. I wrote it as a kind of bedtime story for my kids on what they need to know and understand to survive this crazy and unpredictable world we live in today. Not only do they need to know and understand love, but they need to understand hate as well since it exists. They need to know winning and losing. How to rise and how to fall. Just to name a few. It’s a juxtaposition on many things in life that we all experience.

The best lyric you have ever written: 

In our track “The Optimist”, I have a lyric that goes “I’ve got the rest of my life and I’m not gonna stop ‘til I get it right.” The important thing is to get things right in your life and you have your whole life to do so. Be patient but just get it right.

Describe the feeling you get when you walk on stage to do a show: 

It’s a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I’m a self-inflicted perfectionist so I put a lot of pressure on myself to put on the best show that I can and want the rest of the band to do the same. But in the end we always give 150% and make sure our fans get all of our energy and passion.

The hardest track to play live: 

Probably the most challenging song from a technical and dynamics standpoint is our track “New Revolution”. It’s non-stop energy from the opening riff and has some great dynamics. We love playing that song live.

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