The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Today we are heading to the capital of Luxembourg for the Travel Book. I visited this lovely city for a few days over Christmas in 2019 and really enjoyed it so though I would write about it today.

Luxembourg City is the Capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It has approx 122,273 inhabitants and is home to 160 nationalities. It is the home of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Old City and it is a fortress, art, history and a national museum, lots of theatres and restaurants just to name a few things that you can do.

Depending on what time of the year you visit Luxembourg City, there is a variety of activities to take part in including the Aquarium, Historical Steam Train, walks and much more.

I visited this city on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – meaning a lot of the city was shut, however it was a lovely place to walk around. There was so much to see and hope to visit someday in the warmer months.

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