Welcome To Board Game Month

This month we thought we would do something completely different for our theme of July. Every month we focus on a different comedy genre or improv act and usually July is one of our busiest times of the year because of festival season.

Well for July, we thought it may be nice to look at something different – the world at the moment is constantly relying on the online world as we try to build up lives to normal as we come out of lockdown. So with that in mind we thought it would be nice to look at things that we can do away from the screen, you know, just in case you want a break from everything.

We have a Phoenix Remix Writer who is called Board Not Board who reviews different board games whilst also looking at how those games can refer to improv and help out improvisers. Well, this month they are taking over we are going to have a feature length interview with the Writer as well as incorporating the idea of board games into some of our regular features. Keep an eye out, choose your token you will use to explore the website, get the dice ready, it will be lots of fun.

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