Off The Record – Magic Of The Music Video Special – Crimson, Alkaline Trio

This year, we launched a brand new set of articles called The Magic of The Music Video which looks at videos that have inspired me as a Video Editor. Well, I thought I would bring that article to life in more ways then one by celebrating certain albums that some of those singles have come off of. Why do this you ask? Well, you may know the songs but may of never actually listened to the albums so welcome to this section of this feature that will happen throughout the year. Today we celebrate a band we featured in February. The album that we are looking at today was the home of Time To Waste and Mercy Me Crimson, Alkaline Trio


The Poison

This song has a really clever guitar melody that entices you to listen to this song in its entirety. Just like a lot of Alkaline Trio songs, the lyrics are poetic and being painted over this heavy guitar melody is really clever and makes it a great listen. It is also positioned on the album after   the single Time To Waste so the punchiness really works.



This song is one of my favourite on the album I love how the bass guitar is the focus on this song as it makes the verses darker and punchier and very unique. The guitar is strong and effective in the chorus to break up the darkness of the verses. The song has a real poetic sense to it and the way the music and words work together creates somehthing special. Near the end, the piano intertwinea to create a sense of emotion to the song that works really well.


Prevent this Tragedy

The song starts with a real dramatic string intro which makes it so different to the rest of the album and works reallt effectively. Just like a lot of this album, the bass takes crown in the verses to create that famous dark bitter sweet theme alkaline Trio albums tend to create.


Your Neck

This song starts with a predominant guitar riff and lyrics over the top, the stripped back stylings mean that it immediately strikes you as a song that has a long of meaning and interest behind it. When the other instruments drop in, they are hard and heavy and create the drama that you want from a song like this. It is a really good rock style song and it is one of the best on the album. The highlight is the piano melody that intertwines throughout that creates a haunting feel to the song which works perfectly with the theme of the lyrics.

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