The 30 Day Book Challenge! – Day 12 – A Book You Used To Love But Don’t Anymore

Welcome to a brand new feature that is going to run for this month – this April we are going to celebrate the world of Books! The last few weeks and months we have all been part of a weird world to say the least so this month we thought it would be nice to talk about something that allows you to escape even if it just for a chapter at a time. So this month we are taking on the 30 Day Book Challenge and looking at a different topic each day, enjoy!

30 day book challenge

Day 12: A Book You Used To Love But Don’t Anymore

When I was growing up, I was a big reader then as well and I used to read a lot of books. I used to love reading teen books when I was at school because I always found them well written and a form of escapism. There was a group of books that I read on repeat constantly because they were a teen version of rom coms and considering your mind is always on guys and your crushes at that time, these books were a massive sense of escapism and hope!

I have searched for so long to try and find what these books I really liked are called or who they were written by but I cannot find them anywhere. There is only one I remember the name of and that was one called Holly because it had the same name as me and I always felt weird reading a book with the same name. It felt pretty pretentious. These set of books were all named a girls name and had a photo of the girl on the front, I remember the Holly one had long straight dark browny red hair.

These sort of books were all about typical girls having crushes and trying to date or tell the guys how they feel etc. I used to like Holly one because she had insecurities I could relate to – shyness,  the way she looks, worrying the guy she likes will never like her but the books always had a happy ending, The Holly one was based around a house and a guy that played tennis, that is all I remember apart from the fact that there was a dance.

Whilst Holly is the only book name that I remember (I am sure there was one called Maddy?) it was not my favourite one in the collection There was one that I don’t remember a lot about it apart from the fact that it takes place somewhere on the coast and the guy she knew all along but didn’t realise he was the one she liked was called Gideon. That is all I remember and also the fact he had a brother.

I read these books so much when I was a teen and so annoyed I cannot remember a lot of the names or the author. As a teen I was incredibly shy when it came to guys and when you wear glasses and were not in the popular groups you automatically have insecurities.

I had a lot of friends, predominantly guys but when you have a lot of males as mates it is very hard for them to see you as anything else. I deliberately used to push myself to become friends with guys I fancied because it was a great and sneaky way to spend more time with them. These books brought the sense of escapism and brought me to a world where I could imagine the guy that was my friend would turn to romance.


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