The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Chester Zoo, Chester, United Kingdom

It is the main focus on the television show The Secret Life of the Zoo and it is also one of the biggest zoos in the United KIngdom. Chester Zoo is located in Upton just outside Chester and can be reached either by car or by bus that runs from the bus station in the city. The zoo was open in 1931 by George Muttershead. It is 125 acres in size and is home to 20,000 animals and it is the most visited wildlife attraction in the UK with more then 1.9 million visitors a year.


The zoo is home to a number of different animals and species including meerkats, orangutans, aardvark, anoa, andrean bear, fruit bats and capybera just to name a few. The zoo is actually home to 35,000 animals and it’s mission is to prevent animals from extinction.


I visited the zoo earlier this year and it really is a wonderful place – there is so much to see and do that you can spend literally hours in it. My favourite parts were the bat cave as it was such a unique experience, the bears as they looked so happy and the tree frogs (I am a sucker for tree frogs). As well as animals and plants there are also a handful of rides such as a boat and safari trail that run in the summer months.

If you ever get a chance to visit Chester Zoo do it, as it really is an amazing place.

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