The Phoenix Remix Live! Everything You Need To Know About Tomorrow Night…

Tomorrow night, The Phoenix Remix are taking over Hoopla Impro at the Miller London Bridge once again to raise money for charity, this time all funds will be going towards the Charity Douglas Bader Foundation  so it is all for a great cause! So here is your guide to what is happening, it is a jam packed night so you will not want to miss out!


phoenix remix live

Tickets – Free, buckets around the venue for those who want to donate to the charity. Reserve a ticket though as last time we sold out twice!
Address – Hoopla Improv Theatre at The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, London SE1 3SS
Doors – 7pm
Show Starts – 7:30pm
Show Ends – Approx 10pm

What is Happening on the night?

There is so much happening on the night of the show! We have got some of the best improv troupes and stand up comedians performing sets related to space, the future and technology! We have everything from AI, robots to music and Sci fi sets!

As well as comedy, there will be a Lost In Space quiz that will run throughout the night where audience members have the chance to win a bottle of bubbly and other prizes by answering questions about space and science fiction in the world of music, film, television and much more! 50p to enter and all the proceeds go to the charity!

Who is performing?

Here is a little bit of information about all the acts that are performing on the night. The aim of the night was to bring a variety of improv and comedy groups together under the same roof whilst also not having all London based acts:

Jenny Kassner


Jenny Kassner is one to watch! She’s German, on the right side of the hot/nerdy scale, and most notably, a millenial, making her the the kind of person market researchers call an ‘easy target’. Jenny is an alumni of the Soho Theatre Young Comedy, So You Think You’re Funny 2018 semi-finalist, and 2Northdown New Act semi-finalist 2019. Talking mostly about social failure, being a European girl in a post-Brexit world, and Star Wars, this is the droid you’re looking for!


Formed after attending a Sci-Fi improv course with Katy Schutte. A team that do longform, grounded improv that is story and relationship based with a twist of Sci-Fi. Their shows include time travel, spaceships and so far undiscovered new technologies among other things. The team is formed of improvisers with different backgrounds that all came together because of a love for Sci-Fi and a wish to bring it to a stage.


retro futures
Trying to imagine the future of our chaotic world is getting out of hand, so Dave’s gone looking for inspiration in the past!

Do The Thing 

do the thing
Do the Thing are a critically acclaimed Brighton based three-piece group specializing in making up overly ambitious fully fledged musicals with far too many characters for two people to play and way more songs than one musician should have to play. Since being founded in 2017 the group, Simon Plotkin, Tim Meredith and Ian Scott, have gone from strength to strength with sellout runs at the Brighton Fringe accompanied with rave reviews.

The Phoenix Players

The Phoenix Remix House Team return to the live shows. Every show they like to try out new concepts and entertain the audience with something completely new! This time they are heading to the future and explore the world of improv….

Canterbury Improv

canterbury improv
Hooray! The youth of tomorrow will grow (most likely) and become our future. Presently, we are not growing (most definitely). Growth, progress, development… all topics for exploration in this deeply, seriously silly and sillily serious theatre production. This is a look at the future, a look at what youth may think, want and may get in the years to come. In this discussion, provocation and comedic theatrical experience, Canterbury Improv offers you insight into people via you, us and the hypothetical.

 Alexander Fox  

alex fox
Alexander Fox is a comedian and improviser. He’s been described as “excellent” by Jack Dee, “a charismatic comedian with bags of potential” by The List, and “one of the most unique comic voices” by Theatre Weekly. He has written two solo shows, ‘Ringo’ and ‘Snare’, the latter featured as a ‘Recommended Show’ by The Guardian. He is also the creator of cult hit ‘Shaken Not Stirred: The Improvised James Bond Film’.


A multinational troupe of humans and robots, based in 4 cities around the world: London, Montréal, Stockholm and Antwerp. They improvise on stage with a real artificial intelligence chatbot that controls some of the improvisers. 

The Caretakers 

the caretakers
Caretakers will take you to the dark place, and then show you a place even darker? Where is it? Why it’s your own heart. Come fellow travelers and let us confront this heart of darkness together.

Doctor Whoprov 

Doctor Whoprov

Bryn and Stuart take written suggestions of as-yet-unseen Doctor Who adventures the audience would like to see performed on stage. No previous knowledge of Doctor Who is required to enjoy the show, though Stuart will insist on dropping deep cuts for the fans.

We hope to see you at the show! Follow along with the event on all social media channels by using the hashtag #phoenixremixlive

the phoenix remic live march


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