Improv Corner – Lean On People You Trust

I feel most comfortable on stage when I am around people that make me feel supported on stage and that if I make a certain joke or narrative choice, I want to be on a team with people that can see where I am going (and even if I don’t) they are there for you no matter what.

That is so important when you are in a troupe, building up that friendship and support with each other is so important as it just helps you perform better on stage. Every team I have stayed with or been a part of, I have felt part of a team, part of a family and the support mechanism that allows me to feel comfortable to try out new things as well as being daring on stage. Any group that has not made me feel this sort of connection, I haven’t stayed in for very long as it has left me feeling nervous about doing shows with them. It is a rare case but your happiness is the most important.

We have spoken about feeling supported on stage in this feature a lot but it is super important. There are some people I get very excited about working with on projects and shows because the rapor is there. It means when you have that chemistry you can create some fantastic ideas. The bond is there that you can have a lot of fun both on and off the stage. Trust can really make a troupe strong and that’s really important and also creates a great ambiance for the audience as well.

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