Meet The Short Form Heroes – INTERVIEW – The Same Faces Quick Fire Round!

This month we are welcoming in the new year by celebrating the world of short form improv! All this month we are talking to a number of different improv troupes about their favourite games, advice and also debates that have arisen over time around the comedy form. Leading our conversation and monthly theme on Short Form is the Leicester based troupe The Same Faces. All of this month I caught up With Tom Young to discuss everything from Short Form to performing. In the last interview we get to know the rest of the team a little bit!


Quick Fire Questions

Which member of your team is the most likely to:


Laugh mid scene?

Me, unfortunately. I try not to, but sometimes it’s just really funny!



Create a great character?

Any of the trained actors. Hannah Platts, Nat Beniston, Adam Unwin, or Kieron Attwood.



Sing an improvised song?

Jen Kenny, Mark Vigil, Allan Smith, or Nat Beniston. To be fair, we’re blessed with many good singers.



Pretend to eat on stage?

That might be me as well actually – I feel like I do a lot of restaurant scenes, or just stand eating a sandwich.



Become an animal in a scene?

Ki Shah – she’s played a lot of sea creatures in the last year. Also a snail in a flat share.



Create the silliest line in a scene?

Allan Smith – he just comes out with stuff that seems left-field, but actually still makes sense.



Dance on stage?

I’m not entirely sure what I’m basing this on, but I feel like that’s a Russ Payne move.




Commit to object work?

I’d like to think we all do. It does wind me up when you’ve been eating off a dining table all through a scene, and then someone walks through it. We’re generally pretty good though.



Make a reference to a Film or TV show?

Oh, really any of us, but I’ll give Dave Gotheridge the title.



Talk to the audience and break the fourth wall?


During a scene? I don’t think it happens too often. Outside of a scene, definitely me, but then I host the show!




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