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The Travel Book – Pokrajinski muzej Celje, Slovenia

Today we head to Slovenia and the city of Celje to a site that has a lot of history and part of this museum is known as the ‘Town Under the City’  or Celeia – mesto pod mestom, Knežji dvor. Celje is the third largest town in Slovenia and is located in the centre of the traditional Slovenian region of Styria. The city has a strong and vibrant history dating back to as early as the Hallstratt era. Throughout the Roman period the town was known as Celeia and that is why the place we are discussing today calls the city this. Pokrajinski muzej Celje is the regional museum of the town and  it has a lot of different areas you can explore including the one I first mentioned.


Celeia – mesto pod mestom, Knežji dvor is an archaeological site below the city in the basement of the Dukes Palace and apparently is the largest area to see these remains of the Roman city. The exhibition allows you to walk through the ruins and see what the settlement used to look like all the way back then. Along the way there is information and pictures on the wall to help you imagine it more visually.

There are many other parts of the museum that delve into the history of the city and Slovenia including – a look at the Counts of Celje and the history of the wars, the Austri-Hungarian monarchy until the modern day town.

slove 5

The Museum is open Tuesday – Sunday between 10am – 6pm between March and October and changes throughout the year with earlier closing times in the winter. Admission prices are from five euros depending on what you pay for.

When I visited Slovenia in 2015 I visited this place – my friend from Slovenia had never been and really wanted to go, being a tourist was the perfect excuse for her to visit it as well. Whilst I may not be able to read Slovenian, I found it really interesting and it was a great museum full of lots of artifacts and it was interactive as well.If you are in the area – give it a visit!

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