Music Box Improv Month – INTERVIEW – Rehearsals and Pre-Show Rituals…

Welcome to this months theme of the month – all about the world of Music Box the improvised musical. Throughout the month we are going behind the scenes of one of London’s elite music improv troupes. Today we really go behind the scenes and learn all about what happens in the run up to a show and rituals..

So, Tell us about the sort of rehearsals you do to get ready for a show?

Firstly we start each rehearsal with a plethora of silly games, to clense the day, and get everyone connected. These often lead into character games to get us being creative, listening, doing spacework, and trying accents.Then we do a full vocal warm up and get our rhyming engines running.

Once we are thoroughly warmed, we set out the chairs as an audience and crack on with scene work, want songs, opening numbers, dance…whatever the AD Rory states our focus is that session. (Recently we’ve been focusing on tagline songs, innuendo songs and the pre-chorous!).

Then we run shows implementing those focuses. Then we go to the pub!

 You are an act on the London Improv scene that is well known – when you first start performing shows, what is your key advice to new troupes to finding the stage time and getting key slots?

Apply everywhere; utilise social media; show up on time; network; be nice to people; make sure you do a good job!

Do you have any pre-show rituals – if so what are they?

They change as we discover new favourites, but at the moment, after our vocal warm up we tend to favour ‘Gaston’, ‘IKEA’, ‘Mind_Meld’, ‘Two Penises’, ‘Fart and Response’, ‘Mimic’ and running opening numbers.

Describe the feeling you have when you host a show and people specifically turn up to see your troupe?

Proud, lucky, and super excited to host a room of our family, fans and friends!

You do some regular nights – tell us about them?

We headline Hoopla Comedy Club monthly on a Saturday, and we are developing a few new residencies across Central and East London, so watch this space!

We all know that improv is not scripted but do you have some sort of ‘skeleton script ‘ or format in place that you work towards whilst getting ready for a show? Tell us about it?

1. Opening number

2. First scene has a protag with a want

3. Second scene consists of characters who may have been mentioned in the first scene, or at least know the protag

4. Third scene ‘Timone and Pumba’ style bonkers side characters

5. See the show through, haversting the seeds sewn, and concluding the love story or heroes journey etc focusing on the characters relationships, and making sure each character has an ark

6. Big closing number, usually using the title of the show

More next week…

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