Improv Diaries – Goodbye Mike, Jeopardy and Getting What You Want… [ Case Study: Milton Jones ]

This week has been a fun one in the world of improv but first I need to start with some sad news that we had in the world of Punders. This week Mike announced that he was retiring from improv as he wants to focus on his other interests such as podcasts and volunteering. We have had Mike as a member for just under two years and in that time he has brought a lot to the team so thank you!

Punders Rehearsal

This week in Punders rehearsal we decided to break down how the show went and what we need to focus on moving forward. We talked about the shows we have coming up in the next few months and what we want to achieve from them. The great thing about having a few weeks until the next show it means that we can try out new games and test ways to mix up old ones.

We decided to play the Oscar Moments the real way and it worked really well, whilst the game is great with music having it without the music and really focussing on the drama of the Oscar part was really fun. Another game that we played was improvised Jeopardy and it was so much fun, I cannot wait to play this in one of our next shows.


This week was the penultimate lesson of the Character course with Sue and it was all about trying to find something out in the scene. We started with a number of different warm ups that we have done over the previous weeks and then went straight into the exercises. The first one we did was a scene where both you and your scene partner was given a mission in the scene and you had to try and convince the other person in your scene to give you what you want. The second exercise we did at the end was a number of different characters in a counselling session, there wasn’t enough time for everyone to do the exercise so we will do it next week.

Case Study – Milton Jones 

One of my favourite activities that we did this week was the Improvised Jeopardy game at rehearsal and it meant you had to be really clever with words. Someone whose stand up is all about being clever with words is Milton Jones. The thing I love about Milton is that you initially may not get the joke and you really have to think about what has been said to realise the comedy.

When playing a game like improvised Jeopardy this is a skill that comes in handy and watching someone like Milton Jones stand up or appearances on panel shows such as Mock The Week can really influence you to look at words in a different way as he is so clever.

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