Comedy Book Corner – Him & Me, Michael & Jack Whitehall

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 11.48.28He is a comedian that is shining in the spotlight at the moment and has even got himself a few shows on Netflix including a travel show with his Father which is set to be going into its third season very soon. Well there was a time that both Jack Whitehall and his Father Michael wrote a book together. That book was published in 2014 and it was called Him & Me and I have just finished reading it for the first time.

Just like anything that Jack and Michael do together there is a lot of comedy gold in this book. It is a semi autobiographical book about growing up with Jack, I think that is the easiest way to describe it. It is a book that is written by both parties and throughout to get both their views on a story there is footnotes written that has been handwritten that also creates some extra comedy value.

This book is a very easy one to read and also the writing styles really highlight the personalities of both Jack and Micheal. The book looks at lots of different funny stories that have happened throughout Jacks childhood when Michael had a prestigious job in television and how coping with someone as menacing as Jack around very important people. Some of the stories are really funny and others you will walk away questioning if that was the right thing to do.

I think you can only read this book if you have an idea of who they both are and the sort of background that they are both from that is the one way you will truly understand it as if you walked in not knowing you will think that some of the stories are very random and not quite sure what to make of them.

As a whole it is a good book to read, it is something that will entertain you and will not leave you feeling bored.

Readability Rating – 7/10

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