The Games That Time Forgot – Pyjamarama, ZX Spectrum

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 18.07.47Today we look at a game that was released in 1984 on the ZX Spectrum and was based around a main character called Wally Week and the second of a series of games that he was a part of.

Pyjamarama was an arcade based game that was published by Mikro-Gen and Developed by Chris Hinsley. The game is based around the concept of waking up for work. Wally forgets to set his alarm the night before and during the night his conscience goes walking around the house and the interconnecting rooms in search of the key for his alarm to set it so that he is not late for work in the morning.

Throughout the game there are many levels and there are also many enemies that you have to avoid throughout as well, if you hit any of these then you loose energy and life. To move throughout the level you can use the joystick to walk left, right and jump.

To save your snooze energy you can pick up glasses of milk throughout the level and it will instantly top you up. If you die in the conscience world then Wally wakes up late for work and gets fired and the game is over.

The game ended up winning the Game Of The Month Award in November of 1984 in the publication of Personal Computer Games. This however was a very controversial win because the prize should of gone to the BBC Micro Version of the game Elite.

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