The Game That Time Forgot – Survivor, PC Game

In this feature we have looked at computer games before that are a spin or a creation off the back of a television show or a film. Well, the game that we are looking at today was released on the PC and was based on the American television version of the TV series Survivor.

Survivor was developed by Magic Lantern and was published by Infogrames, it was released on the 12th November 2001. The game was similar to the television series that it was all about surviving and outplaying the other contestants on the island.

Throughout the game, you have to choose what survivor skills to take on, such as fishing and cooking. You also have to form alliances with fellow survivors as well as voting off other competitors as well to get to the head of the tribe.

Even though the game was the 77th best selling computer game of that year and earning $4 million it is also considered a terrible game. It received negative reviews due to it being really boring and repetitive.

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