A Month of Pairs – MUSIC FEATURE – Favourite Duets {Part 1}

This month we are exploring the world of pairs and I thought that it was only right to share some of my own favourite duets. There are so many songs that I like that are sung by more then one person and from so many different genres. So I thought over the next few weeks I would welcome you to my world and some of the many duets that I really like and reasons why.

Katharine Mcphee and Zach Levi – Terrified

I do not even know how I came across this song but I ended up really liking it. I really like the musical set up of this song – I heard this song before Tangled or Zach appearing in musicals in broadway and was so surprised that he could sing. I listened to this song so much when I first heard it as I really liked the chorus. Give it a listen, it feels like it belongs in a rom-com sort of film when the lead starts to realise who they should really be with.

Owl City and Mark Hoppus – Dementia

There was a time where Mark Hoppus was appearing on so many peoples songs as a mini appearance at like a third of the way through the song and this was not one of those songs, that was one of the reasons I liked it. The other reason I really liked this song was the drum – the beat throughout this song is so pretty and it brings together the wonderful musical melody that it is always a pleasant listening on the ears.


Danny Fernandes ft Josh Ramsay – Hit Me Up

I am no way a fan of this sort of music usually but the thing that I really liked about this song was the electronic intro and the heavy hit of the beat into the chorus. It went from a song I was not that sure of to one that I enjoyed listening to.



Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran – Everything Has Changed

This is another song that I did not like initially – but like all things the more you hear something, the more it grows on you – or irritates you more. This song I really like, it is soothing and I actually like Taylor and Ed’s voices together as they compliment one another.

Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato – Irresistible 

I was always a fan of this song when Fall Out Boy originally released it but then they dropped this mix with Demi Lovato and it just worked. Demi has a really great voice for rock music and so it really compliments this song and takes it to another level.

More next week!

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