Forgotten Pop! – This Week – The Cheeky Girls

As we are near Christmas it would not be right to not mention a duo that had a christmas song one year and also in hindsight their music probably would not do as well in the society that we live in today but they are still worth a mention and to explore their career as in their time they were hugely popular.

Gabriela and Monica Irimia first hit the public eye when they appeared on Popstars: The Rivals when they did their song about being the Cheeky Girls. Both Pete Waterman and Louis Walsh were left speechless and not sure really how to react to their auditions and they were out of the competition quite early but that did not mean that they did not create an impact. In fact, the record companies were knocking on their door to offer them a record contract.

On the 2nd December 2002, they released their debut single Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum). It went straight to the top ten of the charts and spent four weeks at number two. Due to how successful they were, they went on to release a few singles straight after so that they would do well too. This included the songs Take Your Shoes Off which reached number 3 in May of 2003 and (Hooray, Hooray!) It’s A Cheeky Holiday! They also released a Christmas single in 2003 called Have A Cheeky Christmas which went into number 10 in the charts.

Just like a lot of the acts that come off reality shows that are Fads, The Cheeky Girls faded away from the music industry but on the way they created a makeup range and even appeared on the BBC TV show This Week to discuss Romanian Immigration with Andrew Neil. So, lets spend this afternoon listening to some cheesy pop music.

Cheeky Song 

Take You Shoes Off 

Hooray Hooray 

Have A Cheeky Christmas

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