Improv Diaries – New Rhymes, Times and Thoughtomobiles… [Case Study – The Two Ronnie’s]

This week in improv it was a bit of a mixed batch – it was about preparing for two shows that we have this week with different line ups and trying out new games as well. We only realised that we have only four weeks until our next big show so we have started to look ahead and start planning for the November one.

This week we started off with a few warm ups and then delved into the world of improv and introduced new game ideas to the rest of the group that were not there last week. They were on board with our new agme ideas and really liked them and looked forward to developing it for our next games.
We then discussed about the show line ups that we have at the end of the week and deciding as to what games we would play in the shows.

We always like to test new games our and this week we tried a new spin on the popular short form game, new choice. The aim of the game is to change the route of the scene when someone isn’t happy with a movement or a sentence and they say new choice to create the comedy. We tried it where the new choices have to be in rhyme. It was really good fun to play. It is also a game where you can’t sometimes control what you say and that’s what makes it more fun.

Case Study – The Two Ronnies
This week it was all about creating simple scenes that create simple humour that is effective with the audience. When you think about simple comedy being really strong with an audience you automatically thing of the fantastic Two Ronnie’s.
Their scenes are so clever and rely on the most simplest thing to make a sketch funny. That’s why they are so effective because it appeals to everyone as anyone can understand the silliness and find it hilarious. Games like the new choice adaption should work well with an audience as they are silly ans really rely on such a simple technique that it can create a lot of humour.
Here are a few clips of the Two Ronnie’s to show you just how clever they were:
Four Candles


Swear Box

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