November is for Writing!

Coming up in November we have two wonderful guest teachers visiting from the USA. Alan Starzinki is visiting from LA to focus on teaching us how to develop and write characters through the skills we have developed through improv. Caitlin Kunkel is coming from the opposite coast, right from NY, to get us looking at the news and current events with different eyes and inject some humour into them through satire.

Alan is an actor, teacher, improvisor, and writer living in Los Angeles. He has been at UCB since June 2007. His class – Comedic Characters – will focus on finding and writing characters to perform as a solo piece, monologue, or for stand up. Taking the skills we developed in improv to focus on something that doesn’t disappear after we perform it. This is a sketch based class. You can get your spot here!

Cailtin is a comedy writer and satirist, whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Live Wire Radio, and other places on the vast internetz. She is the co-founder of the comedy and satire site for women of all definitions, The Belladonna. Her workshop – Satire Starter Pack – will teach you brainstorming techniques, how to form a comedic premise, and how to sculpt your point of view and personal voice as a satirical writer. Get all you opinions and rage out through writing satire! No prerequisites required. You can get your spot here!

A week from today, just before October finishes, we’ll be happily taking in all that Lydia Hensler has to teach us! Lydia is an LA based Actress, Writer and veteran improviser at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She has been a UCB performer since 2007. Her workshop – Choose Your Own Adventure! – will focus on You! You’ll be asked to bring your specific challenges, questions, or creative wishes to class and we’ll dive in with both lecture and exercises to get to the other side of where you are now. This class is great for building confidence, exploring different ways to play than you usually do and finding different avenues for comedic ideas that light you up! You can get your spot here!

And as usual, we’ll be at The Horse & Sables, every Sunday from 7PM, bringing you C3Sundays!

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