Improv Corner – Be The Inspiration

I have currently been reading Mindy Kaling’s book ‘Why Not Me’ and it has a lot of great stories about working in television as a script writer. One of the chapters I came across was all about working on The Office US and working specifically with Steve Carrell. The one thing that I loved about this chapter was the fact that Mindy turned around and said that Steve Carrell was always an inspiration.

The way that he could turn in and out of character so quickly between shots, such as being really cheerful between filming and then turn on the sad emotion as soon as someone said filming. The one thing I found really lovely to read was that that one thing that made a lot of people laugh on set and also created some of the best scenes in the show was his ability to improvise. Mindy Kaling says on many occasions that Steves Improv skills was an inspiration.

I think sometimes improv can inspire people more then you actually think, some of my friends have come and seen me perform with my troupe and after the show they have always said that they find the comedy format inspiring as they see me in a different light and also that they do not know how I could do such a thing as they could never imagine doing something so ‘scary’.

Whilst improv is a lot of fun to do, it is also something that can inspire others in ways that you do not know. I find watching other improvisers on stage really inspiring especially if you watch how they are on stage compared to how they are in real life. When you first start doing improv there is a range of people who are also training, in Newcastle it was a lot of people from the council or government that were doing it to get confidence to do presentations in front of other members of staff.

I remember the first time I saw them perform on stage in front of an audience was so inspiring because they were so nervous and scared of doing any improv in the first place that actually seeing them perform in front of an audience was so inspiring.

So the next time you do improv, think of the inspirations and how improv can have an effect on anyone.

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