Autumn is here!

Autumn is here and we’re not going anywhere!
In fact, we have a warm function room at a pub where you can warm yourself up from the cold outside, every Sunday evening!

This weekend will be a busy and fun one with the Hoopla Marathon being part of our plans! We are performing on Saturday at 12.30PM and definitely sticking around for more!

On Sunday we return to our home at the Horse & Stables and welcome guests Charm & Strange and Gibberish Allsorts!

Our Late Night Special is one of our personal faves, with Understudied, a very fun format! Professional actors have prepared a 2 person scene from either stage or screen before hand. An improviser will do this scene with them having no prior knowledge of the scene…All the unexpected things happen and new plays will be born in front of your eyes!

Come along to see the unexpected happen!

Book your FREE spot here!

Categories: C3Something, Comedy, Improv, Shows

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