Improv Diaries – Competitive Zip Zap Zop and Bringing Back The Classics… [Case Study – City Impro]

The world of improv is something that once you open the door to you find the world a much lighter and silly place to be. I really enjoy seeing peoples reactions after their first few lessons of the comedy format because they go in not knowing what to expect and also not sure if they are going to enjoy it and then they walk away smiling and really happy at what they experienced. There is someone from work who has always wanted to try out improv so I invited them along to our rehearsal and they walked away with a smile on their face and also with the feeling of enjoyment – so that is great to hear!

This week was all about getting the running order correct for Improv Towers show in September. We started the evening just going over a few admin related things and then we focussed on the show and the games. We started off the evening with a round of warm up games to get us focussed. There is a game that we were introduced to by one of our new members the other month that I suppose I will call ‘Competitive Zip Zap Zop’ and we have got a point where we do take it really serious and basically fight to the death. It is really fun but we can get tactical with it.

We spent the first part of the rehearsal looking at the running order and making changes to it after things that we noticed both at last weeks rehearsal and also from seeing a couple of the games performed at the City Impro Camden Fringe Shows. There was a game that we dropped because we were not certain about it in the first place and seeing it performed by other people confirmed our worries about it.

We added a new game instead and it worked well as it was different to the line up and works in the position and location that we have put it in the running order. We spent the rest of the evening running through the show and starting to focus on timings and scripts. It was a good productive evening which is always great to do.

Case Study – City Impro

cityimpro00This week the case study I want to mention is City Impro – they contacted us asking if we wanted to take part in their Impro DeathMatch at the Camden Fringe and we jumped at the chance to perform as it seemed like a really fun concept for a show. I could only partake in one of the shows but James was able to take part in three of the shows.

It was really good fun to be part of it for many reasons – the first reason is because it is fun but one of the other main reasons is because it is fun to see other improvisers take on games that we regularly play maybe in a different style. Seeing how audiences react to games when they are not improvisers themselves is really important because the last time we did a show most of the audience were not improvisers and that is important to think about.

When you perform at Hoopla nights the majority of the audience are improvisers so they know how things work, they have seen the games a million times before, they have their own opinions as to whether the games they see was a good version of it or a bad version. Audience members who do not go to improv very often only can really go on what they see on the stage when they see it and this was the case for City Impro Deathmatch and it is really interesting to see how the audience react to the improv show.

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