Improv Corner – Be A Tourist

I was walking past a theatre in central London the other day and it is one that I have walked past so many times in my life. Due to a tourist though I only realised for the first time the other day, that it had really unique door handles. How did I notice this? The tourist was making such a big photo shoot out of these handles that they actually became something that I took into account. That is what I like about London, you can walk down the same street for a a long time and only notice something different when someone points it out or you read an article about it.

This is sort of similar to what Improv and Comedy can be, you can be doing a style of comedy for years and at a random point you can come across something completely and utterly different to what you have ever seen before. This is constantly happening in comedy, acts and groups are always trying out new ideas and concepts to change trends and alter ideology. For example, Improbotics are making a name for themselves for their use of technology and how they are incorporating it into an improv scenario. They were even mentioned in an article in the New York Times!

It can be anything from a suggestion you haven’t heard or or even a new game. It can be really fun to go and see an improv group that have been established for years and then they get a suggestion they never had before – it is really fun to watch their reaction!

It does not matter if you have seen loads and loads of shows or maybe only one or two, the next time you go and see improv go in and act like a tourist. Look at it in a way that you have never looked at it before – try and keep an eye on new actions or movements you haven’t seen before.

It may be be hard to do but sometimes looking at a comedy format in a new light makes you see something that you may never of seen before – it can make improv more fun or even more different!

Having problems trying to see improv in a new light? Then why not take someone to a show with you who has never seen improv before as they will see the show in a completely different way to what you will see it. They may even notice things that you hadn’t even considered!

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