Comedy Book Corner – Nomad, Alan Partridge

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 07.18.25Heart beating, sweaty palms pressing intensely, everyone around me watching me, waiting for me to fail, five minutes, four, three, two, I am nearly at the stop but BAM I hit the next chapter and everything is safe again.

Was I just describing a disaster that happens in an action movie? Well, no, I was writing in the style of Alan and sort of just some of the things you can expect in this extraordinary book about well, walking.

Join one of Britains much loved comedy personas, Alan Partridge as he walks in the ‘footsteps of his father’ to dedicate something to his dad, but lets be honest it’s Alan, the main reason he is doing this is for a television deal.

The book is one of the latest pieces of work by Alan so it touches on films like Alpha Papa so if you are a fan, make sure that you are up to date with the narrative of this make believe television presenter.

If you are not a fan of Alan, then this book, I am sad to say, will not be right for you as there are a lot of references that only fans or followers will understand. Also if you are not used to his style of writing or humour, you will not be a fan either, it is quite niche. However if you are a fan of Alan, you are in for a right treat.

This book has everything for you to make you laugh out loud as it is just pure Alan comedy. Just when you are not sure where the book is going and whether it is worth reading it hits you in the face with pure Alan-isms and makes it all worth while.

How does it hold up as the next book from Alan? It works well, it is a very random topic to have a book about and may take you a few chapters to get used to it but trust me, stick with it.

Readibility Rating – 8/10

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