The Games That Time Forgot – Ice Climber, Nintendo Entertainment System

This is a game that has a lot of interesting facts attached to it. It is one of the main games where a lead programmer for Super Mario Bros started to make his name and the main characters have become part of the Mario legacy and a lot of the variety of games throughout the years have characters or levels that are dedicated to this game. Welcome to the original world of the Ice Climber.

Ice Climber was released the 30th January 1985 on the Ninetendo Entertainment System. It was developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1 and was published by Nintendo. The game is classed as a ‘vertical platform video game’ this means that instead of going from left to right in the game you actually go upwards.

You play as a character called Popo who is a renowned Ice Climber and the aim of the game is to help him climb up thirty two ice covered mountains to save vegetables that have been stolen by a giant called Condor. You are also able to play a multi player version of the game as well where the second player is a female character called Nana.

Due to its history and legacy within the Super Mario universe, it is a game that is though of highly even today. Whilst the average second hand original NES game sells for about £5-£10 on average,I have seen this game sell for a lot higher.

It is one of those games you really must check out, not necessarily because of the game but because of the legacy this game has created.

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