Edinburgh Fringe – PERFORMERS ADVICE – Secrets to Successful Flyering

It is the middle of the Festival season and whilst we are celebrating the world of Camden Fringe this month, lets not forget all those people who are up at the Fringe! In July we interviewed over 20 acts and over the next two Mondays we are going to do a few special posts about what the acts said about specific Fringe related questions.


What’s the secret to successful flyering?




“Ooo this is my specialty. Talking to people. Listening to them and not just talking at them. Get to know people and talk about your show. It’s a waste of tree’s to just blindly hand out paper!” – Tom Brace


“Being friendly, polite and resilient in bad weather. Or possibly large PR companies with an army of underpaid minions to do it for you. Who can say which approach is better?” – David Head and Matt Glover 


“Making a personal connection and having a short conversation with the people you are flyering. Shoving a flyer in someone’s hand is a waste of trees and time. “- Tom Marino


“Be charming, strike up a chat with people and be genuinely interested about ​how their fringe is going. Be genuine.”  – Bendy House Improv


“I think with Notflix it has helped that everybody who has flyered has either been a part of the team or has actually seen the show and really enjoyed it. It’s really important that when you chat to people they can see how passionate you are about the show you are selling. We’re also pretty well branded, look out for those signature red Notflix jackets! It gives the impression that there are far more of us than there actually are.” – Notflix 


“In our experience it’s get someone else to do it for you. But typically what people respond to is passion. A genuine enthusiasm for the show is infectious and that’s whats gotten me into shows I never even knew about.” – Dirty White Boys

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