Funny At The Fringe – INTERVIEW – Osric Omand and the Story of Hope

It is festival season and that means that in the next month there is so many great comedy festivals to look forward to! This month we are talking to acts performing at an array of festivals to find out more about their sets and what they have planned for their shows.  If you are looking for a comedy that has horror, vampires and everything in between then this is the show with you. I caught up with Director and Writer Joe to find out all about it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 13.37.25Name Of Show: Osric Omand and the Story of Hope

Time: 13:50

Date: August 13th – 18th

Location: Greenside @ Infirmary Street – Forest Theatre (Venue 236 )

Hello Joe! Tell us about your show?
Osric Omand and the Story of Hope is a horror-action-comedy. A recent review described it as a mash between Rocky Horror and The Play that Goes Wrong, I think that’s the best description. I still struggle to describe it as one thing. There’s monsters, there’s fight scenes and there’s live music, what more could you want?


How did you come up with the name of your show that your taking to the fringe?
I have no idea. I remember coming up with the name Osric Omand in a Harry Potter sort of way, I wanted a name with alliteration and a name that meant something. I have since forgotten what it means.


Tell us a little bit about your style of show?
It’s Python-esque, it’s referential, it’s cult and it’s slightly musical. I hope by the end of fringe I’ll be able to describe the style. It’s a film nerd who reads comics, whilst playing Dungeons and Dragons, with Scandinavian rock on in the backgrounds’s wet dream.


Tell us about the writing process behind a show? What is the most challenging thing?
The writing process was simply a case of writing ideas down, formulating into a script and then seeing what works in rehearsal or in front of a live audience. A challenge for me personally has been the fitness. The opening fight scene is pretty much non stop for me, it’s only a minute long but during our previews it was a struggle.

What are your pre show ritual?
Well we do a fight call and then we perform all the songs. We all do our individual things that vary. Mat will do a drama school warm up, I will shout obscenities at the empty audience seating.

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at the fringe?
Police Cops in Space by the Pretend Men was a great show last year. Look out for The Edge of You also by Off Kilter.

Have you done the fringe before? What have been some of your favourite shows to date and why?
I was in a show last year, on the free Fringe, called Leopia. A political satire. It was only half an hour but it was a great experience, particularly when the audience was silent on the opening night, but then raucous on the second. Watch out for Will Seaward, how that man hasn’t had a TV show yet is astonishing. He usually has more than one show on up there.

Some acts have already tried it and done shows in the environment but Do You think virtual reality has a space to be used in theatre and what other modern technologies do you think could alter the way we interact and watch shows?
I don’t know much about virtual reality being used in theatre, but I can certainly see it being a thing. Maybe a topic of theatre in which virtual reality is tackled like in the Nether, or in some sort of Black Mirror way. And what with Ready Player One coming out this year, people know about it. Personally I think holograms will be a thing in theatre soon. What with the Elvis and Roy Orbison hologram gigs recently and even Liam Neeson’s hologram in War of the Worlds. What’s stopping a hologram of Lawrence Olivier’s Hamlet at The National. It was my idea right here folks. Personally I don’t want this to happen.

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?
You can find us on Twitter @21st_CenturyCox and on Facebook, simply by typing 21st Century Cox.

And Finally in three words – Why should people come and see the show?
There’s Dancing Nazi’s


Best thing about performing at the fringe?

The most challenging thing about performing at the fringe?

What three items are essential for a successful Fringe?
Marketing again, errrr, marketing and….marketing

What’s the secret to successful flyering?
Standing out

What are the best venue’s at the fringe?
Greenside Venues, easy

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